Introducing the TakenPlace Assignment Challenges

At TakenPlace we don’t just sit back and watch things happen, we like to be movers and shakers too.

So we thought, even with all the creativity we know is out there, that we give things a little nudge.

Your assignment should you choose to accept it is…

Every week we’ll set a specific photographic assignment for you to complete, the fruits of which may not only earn you money on TakenPlace but also win you some extra TakenPlace kudos and exposure.

Each weekly assignment winner will be announced on our website and all social media platforms; have their photo set as our backgrounds for one week on Twitter, Facebook and the TakenPlace website home page with a by-line and link to your website or social media profile; the winning photo will also be part of our pre-launch and launch marketing campaigns and you’ll be featured on our media partner’s website too*.

Not only that but if our assignment partners like your shots too, then they could be buying them from TakenPlace with you getting 50% of the sale value on top of everything else.

So keep your eyes and cameras peeled for our very first assignment starting next week.

*To be confirmed.

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