Getting your Shot on

There are no hard ‘n’ fast rules for what images will and won’t sell on TakenPlace (or anywhere else for that matter) but below we have provided some points of reference when you are taking and selecting images for upload.

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Consider what you are taking a photo of and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the subject of this photo?
  • Is it the most interesting element of this image?
  • Are there any distractions?

Brand Sells

Most of our buyers are looking to use images to support their brand so you want to do the same thing. When taking a photo ensure that the brand or location is clear. Wherever possible include either signage or a unique feature of the location such as a water feature or funky lighting.



Think about the audience that the location may wish to appeal to. Although you may be having a great night, downing tequila and singing your heart out, is this a family location? Ensure that nothing that could be seen negatively features in your shot.

Take several styles of photo, limit the use of filters and ensure your shots look natural. The reason most buyers come to us is to get genuine, un-staged photographs of their business.


How not to do it

How not to do it

The use of light can bring real depth and attraction to a photograph so use it well. Not all cameras are designed for taking images in low light so consider whether your shot of the pool at night is clear. The same goes for sunrise photography, the sun glinting off the lens might look great to your eye but does it translate into the perfect shot?

Lighting can also change the colour balance within photographs so check your images for lively yet true colouring and re-shoot if necessary.

Upload it ASAP

We live in a live fast-moving, ever-changing world. Buyers, businesses & the public want to see images as soon as they happen so make use of our mobile friendly website to get images to us as soon as possible.


Assignments mean Additional Revenue

At TakenPlace we offer buyers the facility to set our photographers missions. These offer specific targets and opportunities to sell images, often at an increased price, so keep an eye out for opportunities near you to maximise your chances.


We hope that the tips given above will help you not only sell more images but in taking better pictures generally. So what are you waiting for? Get your shot on!

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